Start A Little Free Library In Your Community

Do you love books and reading? Would you like to share that love with the rest of your community and make sure that your friends and neighbours always have easy access to books? If so, you should consider starting a Little Free Library in your local area.

Nicholas Rogers, Conservative GLA candidate for South West London, has set up two Little Free Libraries (plus a book exchange at his office) and can help guide you through what needs to be done.

Nick said, ‘Reading has been one of the joys of my life and I wanted to share that with the estate where I live with my husband. I love how the Little Free  Library creates a community feel – it is used regularly by people of all ages and that’s reflected in the wide range of books that appear, from Charles Dickens to Jacqueline Wilson. A few people worried that it would be vandalised within days but, two years later, it’s still here and is a visible success. So successful, in fact, that I started another one down the road!’

If you’re interested in finding out more, contact Nick –