Time for Deputy Mayor Heidi Alexander to level with Hounslow residents on the Piccadilly Line signalling upgrade

I have written an open letter to Deputy Mayor, and TfL Deputy Chair, Heidi Alexander. I am calling on her to confirm that the Piccadilly Line signalling upgrade will remain TfL’s ‘number one priority’ post-COVID and with a new commissioner, as well as asking how she intends to fund the upgrade and when she intends the project to commence. 

The Piccadilly Line is the second worst on the network for signalling failures and one of the worst for overall delays, affecting thousands of residents of the borough of Hounslow who rely on the Line to get to and from work every day, not to mention those from across London and further afield who use it to access Heathrow Airport. The Piccadilly Line signalling upgrade is the key to solving this issue permanently.

The project has been delayed indefinitely for several years with no start date announced and no funding allocated.  TfL Commissioner Mike Brown described the project as TfL’s ‘number one priority’ as recently as February, but there is scant evidence for this given the lack of progress to date.

In an open letter you can read in full through the link below, Nicholas Rogers has called for Deputy Mayor Heidi Alexander to confirm whether and when Hounslow residents will finally see this project implemented.

To describe users of the Piccadilly Line – particularly in South West London – as ‘long-suffering’ would be an understatement. Residents have had the prospect of upgraded signalling and the concomitant benefits – especially full service at Turnham Green – dangled before them for years. They deserve certainty.


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