Save Osterley and Isleworth

With over 2150 units, the proposal for the developments on the Tesco and Homebase sites is one of the largest in the whole of London.

Sadly, the plans fall short of the high quality local residents deserve. Despite the huge numbers of new units, fewer than 2% would be family houses. The rest are flats. The area needs affordable homes for families, not yet more flats.

What’s worse is that these flats are densely packed into a number of high-rise buildings up to 17 storeys tall. These towers are far taller than most local buildings and would dominate the skyline. This development is in stark contrast to the area’s low-rise, suburban character.

Transport already struggles in the area, whether it's traffic on Syon Lane and the A4 or overcrowded public transport. This development will worsen the situation.

What can you do to help oppose this development?

If you agree with Nicholas Rogers that Osterley & Spring Grove residents deserve homes, not towers, make your voice heard!

1. Sign his petition against this development below.

2. Register your objection to the planning application on the Hounslow Council web site. Search for planning application numbers P/2020/3099 and P/2020/3100. Remember, planning objections must be made on planning grounds, e.g. layout and density, design, loss of visual amenity, traffic generation etc.

3. Share this with your friends and neighbours and make sure they sign the petition too!

4. Lend your support to the work being done by local residents' groups to oppose this development.


Save Osterley and Isleworth

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